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At Ellenbrook Christian College students in Years 7-12 are part of our Secondary School. In Secondary School we acknowledge that our Students are moving from adolescence to adulthood and give them meaningful opportunities to develop and grow; this may include both extra privileges and responsibilities as students move towards Secondary Graduation.

Academic rigour and breadth of programs, a strong sense of social justice with a focus on missions, effective pastoral support and a supportive atmosphere are all hallmarks of the secondary School at Ellenbrook Christian College. Our values of humility, integrity and purpose undergird all that we do. As students move through Secondary School they continue to work towards the College’s graduate statement, which reads that:

We ultimately seek to produce graduates who will be informed of the gospel and consequently empowered by the principles of love, justice and mercy in order to serve and lead in society; graduates who are well-educated, skilled and knowledgeable so that they can live productive and rewarding lives.

Secondary School is a time of many special and memorable events, which include:

  • Year 8 Orientation Camp
  • Year 8 Social
  • Year 9 Camp
  • Year 10 Senior School Induction Day
  • Year 10 Social
  • Year 11 Camp
  • Year 11 River Cruise
  • Leavers 2 Leaders Phillipines Mission Trip
  • Year 12 Leadership Team
  • Year 12 Leavers Jackets
  • Year 12 Charity Ball
  • Year 12 Valedictory Dinner
  • Year 12 Graduation

Years 8 and 9

Students in Years 8 and 9 are streamed in their courses for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities based upon their academic achievements and demonstrated capacity. Secondary School teachers seek to know their students beyond specific learning areas, working as a team to achieve holistic learning outcomes.

As students progress through their schooling, they are given increased levels of choice regarding course selection. In Years 8 and 9, students are generally able to choose three electives for each semester.

We encourage our students to be focused on what they can offer, share and contribute to the life of the College. Year 9 students have the opportunity to serve within the Year 9 Leadership Team and contribute to shaping the culture of the College.

Year 10

Students in Year 10 continue their engagement with all four core learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities as well as compulsory Health and Physical Education as they continue to lay strong foundations in these areas. Engagement with the Arts and Technology and Enterprise through elective courses also gives students the chance to specialise in other areas of interest to them. Elective courses in Year 10 include Dance, Drama, Music, Media, Visual Arts, Ethics, Enterprise, Woodwork, Information Technology, Outdoor Education, Psychology and French. Our students are encouraged to consider carefully their courses and to engage meaningfully with their entire schooling to lay the best preparation for the rigours of Year 11 and 12.

Years 11 and 12

In Year 11 and 12, students select from WACE courses, which count towards their WACE graduation. Ellenbrook Christian College offers a wide variety of WACE courses, including Applied Information Technology; Biological Sciences; Building and Construction; Chemistry; Drama; Engineering; English; English Literature; Food, Science and Technology; History (Modern and Ancient); Human Biological Sciences; Materials, Design and Technology; Mathematics; Mathematics Specialist; Music; Outdoor Education; Physical Education Studies; Physics; Politics and Law; Psychology; Visual Arts and Workplace Learning. In addition, we also offer a selection of Vocational courses that enable students to achieve a Certificate II qualification over Year 11 and 12. In 2015 these include Visual Arts, Outdoor Recreation and Sports Coaching. In all that we do in Senior School our focus is on growing students’ abilities, building character, supporting students and families through the conclusion of their schooling years and producing high quality graduates.


Secondary stationery and booklist requirements can be downloaded for the 2017 school year by clicking this link. If you have any questions please contact Student Services on the College number or email them on ellenbrookss@scea.wa.edu.au.