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At Ellenbrook Christian College students in Years 7-12 are part of our Secondary School. In Secondary School we acknowledge that our Students are moving from adolescence to adulthood and give them meaningful opportunities to develop and grow; this may include both extra privileges and responsibilities as students move towards Secondary Graduation.

Academic rigour and breadth of programs, a strong sense of social justice with a focus on missions, effective pastoral support and a supportive atmosphere are all hallmarks of the secondary School at Ellenbrook Christian College. Our values of humility, integrity and purpose undergird all that we do. As students move through Secondary School they continue to work towards the College’s graduate statement, which reads that:

We ultimately seek to produce graduates who will be informed of the gospel and consequently empowered by the principles of love, justice and mercy in order to serve and lead in society; graduates who are well-educated, skilled and knowledgeable so that they can live productive and rewarding lives.