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K6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

At Ellenbrook Christian College, Information  and Communication Technology (ICT) is embedded throughout the curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6, rather than as a stand-alone subject. It is the aim of the school to develop both ICT and 21st century skills, in the context of everyday student learning.

As students often learn in different ways, it is vital that we understand, anticipate and plan for this; technology can be a rich tool in achieving this end. For example, using an interesting and engaging ‘app’ for a repetitive style learning activity; or using physical robots when learning about instructions, processes and procedures. Creating video diaries can then be used to structure and support the process of writing. Having access to vast learning content courtesy of the Internet, the students are presented with a wider learning environment, generating learning opportunities within real contexts.

Ellenbrook Christian College utilises a range of technology across the Primary School from laptops to iPads, listening stations to Interactive whiteboards, through to the 1:1 (bring your own iPad) program in Years 5 and 6. This wide assortment of technological devices are used as tools to enhance learning in a variety of ways and learning environments.

Our students are educated to use the technology safely and we look to create students who will be skilled problem solvers, excellent communicators, creative, thorough researchers, creative and critical thinkers, and who are able to work independently and as a team.

Primary 1:1 (iPad) Program

Our Year 5 and 6 1:1 device programs have proven to foster student engagement, motivation and learning. The use of iPads in classrooms helps to facilitate a differentiated, problem-based learning environment which demands higher-order thinking skills.

Students learn to develop collaborative and inquiry-based approaches to learning; these are skills that will help them better compete in technology-rich workplaces for the future.

All teaching and learning is clearly linked to the Australian Curriculum, thus providing a clear framework for students and teachers with achievable outcomes.

The Year 5 and 6 teachers follow the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition model. See SAMR MODEL link for more information.

The SAMR model provides teachers with a solid basis for using "educational technology". It clearly emphasises the need, still, for good teaching and learning but with the flexibility and creativeness  that a 1:1 device, like the iPad, can deliver.

Secondary 1:1 Program

Students in the Secondary College have the opportunity to either purchase an iPad, MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air to help with their studies in all of their classes. The ability to quickly find information is a valuable tool for all students. This is achieved by having their own device in front of them at all times. Whether it be for individual work or using programs to work collaboratively, the 1:1 program has and will continue to enhance the students learning.

One of the many challenges is teaching the students the responsible use of their device. All students complete an induction where they are taught to make right decisions in how to use their device effectively. 

Some of the more common iPad Apps that the students will use are: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Evernote, Google Drive, iMovie, Garage Band and Schoology. Students who choose to bring in a laptop will have access to Office for Mac, Google Drive as well as iMovie and Garage Band.

The College is very excited in developing this program and utilising all the tools at the students disposal so that their learning can be interactive and enhanced at the same time.