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Acts of Service

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Our Year 5 and 6 River Rangers students are off to a great start this year refreshing past projects and commencing new innovative ones. Their enthusiasm and drive has allowed them to accomplish great things. 

So far, in just 5 weeks they have:

  • Weeded and cleared the Early Learning Centre garden ready for the Kindyergarten students to plant their vegetables.
  • Made recycle bins out of recycled materials for each classroom.
  • Made their own hydroponic plants, using recycled two litre bottles. 


I have to say that the biggest achievement and success was most definitely the garden and veggie patch.  Students used recycled pallets and painted the ones for the verticle planters. The other pallets were used for the veggie patch. Students have a watering roster for each day to ensure they are maintained and continue to thrive. 

The Year 5 and 6 River Ranger students are always thinking about recycling and sustainability.  One of their next projects is looking at recycling toys.  

Donating used toys to a good cause can be one of the most effective ways to recycle them. Not only does this prevent garbage from being sent to landfill sites, it provides a second life for used toys, which means the toys will go on being used or repurposed for many months or years to come; not to mention the smile and joy they will bring to other children.

Some of our Year 11 and 12 students will be going to the Philippines in November for the annual Leavers 2 Leaders mission trip and are looking at taking toys over to some of the children when they go.

If you are disposing of any pre-loved toys that aren't being used or your children have simply grown out of them; the River Rangers would love to recycle them for you.  The toys would need to be no bigger than a shoe box, not electronic and still in good working order. If you have some toys that you think we can repurpose, please drop them into student services.