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Blind Cricket

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When we came into the gym for Outdoor Education, it was an unusual site to see a blind person that looked like they could see. They sat us down and told us about how they went blind and how they dealt with it. It was amazing how they told us how they live their lives and how they do certain things.

After they said that they started telling us about the sports that they play. He told us that he played for the olympics and won many medals. He also told us that he plays blind cricket. That is why he came to our school. He gave us special glasses that showed the different types of blind eyesite. We played a few games of cricket with the special goggles. Trust me it was harder than it looked. We had to bowl the ball along the floor and swipe the bat across the floor to try and connect with the ball. It was quite confusing but luckily we had a bell in the ball. I think that it was great to get them in so we could experience what is was like to be blind. It definetely was an eye opener, no pun intended.

Will | Year 8 Student

ECC Blind Cricket