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Boat Testing

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During Week 8 students in Year 2 constructed boats in Art. Each student was able to select what medium they would use to contruct their boats. They also had the opportunity to decorate their boats. Testing the boats was a lot of fun for the students. Here are some recounts from the Year 2 students.


On Tuesday I made a boat in Art. I made it out of a cardboard box, a skewer, tissues and some sticky tape. Today I got to test my boat. It fell over in the water but it still stayed afloat. We tested it in the water trough. I had lots of fun testing my boat. I was happy that my boat floated, all of our classes boats floated.

Scarlett | Year 2


Today we tested our boats that we made in Art. My boat was made out of one box, two straws and one lid. The box was small so I put some air holes in the top of my boat so air could get in. When we tested our boats, all of our boats floated!!! It was amazing.

Joshua | Year 2


On Tuesday we made boats. My boat was made out of paper and an orange juice bottle. My boat had a rainbow on the front and the bottle was made with a hole in the top. We tested our boats today and my boat floated because it had air inside, it was fast.

Grace | Year 2


This week we made boats. I made mine out of a bottle, three pink straws and some plastic cups. Today we tested our boats and mine fell over but it still floated. After we tested them, I went over to my mum and she let me send my dad a photo of me and my boat. I had a great day!

Addison | Year 2