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Drug Aware Incursion

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Part of the college vision states that it provides modern and relevant education. This was achieved during our drug awareness incursion this week. Mr Clift, Director of Sport invited his brother Mark, who works for Drug Awareness and a professional surfer Felicity Palmateer to speak on their experiences in the surfing world. We realised that in the surfing world, good health through outdoor sport and addiction to drugs do collide. Felicity explained that she considered the consequences of choices and the negative impact drugs could have on her life and career. She chose to travel a positive path and did not succumb to the temptation of the less desirable journey into addictive behaviour.

I was inspired by Felicity and admired the healthy glow that she exuded and I aspire to have a strong positive mind set like her. After this talk, I made a decision to carefully consider my choices and to think about what I do and the consequences before I act.

At the end of the presentation, we were allowed time to ask questions about drugs in sport and surfing. Many of us participated and asked questions so that we would have a deeper understanding about these issues. The atmosphere was fantastic and everybody really enjoyed the incursion. On behalf of our class I would like to say thank you to the health teachers. I am sure that my peers agree with me when I say that we are very grateful to our teachers for organizing this incursion. This was relevant and modern education. 

Samantha Ponton







Samantha Ponton
Year Ten Student