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Ellenbrook's Perfect Performance

Found in: News

Recently, we, as the school, performed in the Education Perfect English Championships. Although we didn't get a really high score, we did perform well and, as the pressure was mounting near the end, we used up our final burst of energy to seize a very good position globally.

We pulled out our best weapons for the game, received a lot of support from our highly skilled English teachers and made it through. We are proud of the English department's effort and, as a special reward from the English department; the Year 8s have received a pizza to commemorate this amazing opportunity, that wouldn't have been possible without them.

Education Perfect is a website and a mobile app created to help with the teaching of students in the subjects provided by the developers of the app: Language Perfect. Occasionally, they have a competition, available globally, on a specific subject that people can compete in for special prizes and maybe even recognition for you and/or your school.

Written by Year 8 Student Rhys Doak