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French Excursion to Quinns Baptist College

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On the 25th of June, myself and my classmates went on a French excursion to Quinns Baptist College. I found the day very enjoyable as we were able to listen to people who had studied French and the impact it had on their lives. After we listened to the speakers talk about French, presenters from ABC and Network Ten spoke to us which was very cool! During each speaker, we were able to win chocolate prizes for answering questions correctly. After the speakers, we had lunch and were each given a goodie bag filled with chocolates, caramel sticks and a voucher for a free chocolate-filled croissant. 

The bus trip back to school was also really cool because I was able to hang out with my friends and once back at school I was able to finish my stuff for the social. It was a fantastic excursion! 

Raahul | Year 8