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Hamlet Excursion

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On Thursday, 13 August, I was given the opportunity to attend the Bell Shakespeare Company’s performance of Hamlet. The Year 10 Literature class went to the performance at the Heath Ledger State Theatre and everyone arrived with different expectations. Personally, I had high expectations and was looking and hoping for a good show. From the first word uttered on stage to the last breathe of the final victim, Shakespeare’s tragedy became ever more spectacular. The actors were passionate and convincing in their roles. Not only did they speak Shakespearean English but they spoke with conviction. This added to the appeal of the show by making it accessible to those in the audience that had had no previous exposure to the language. Their voice projection was excellent. Even though the actors were performing without microphones the audience was still able to hear even when they were whispering on stage. It was an outstanding production and I can’t wait to see another Shakespeare play.

Alissa | Year 10