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Image Poem | Montana Falloon

Found in: News


Such a timeless state of matter.

When submerged

the silk contents consume...

Consume the mind,

Consume the senses.

Fragmentations of light

Spill over the surface and glisten

As I look from beneath.

No sounds to be heard but the silent crashing of waves on the shore.

The feeling of infinite can be seen,

Can be felt.

The salt burns my eyes but everything is so beautiful I cannot let it disappear.

Too soon the tight feeling in my chest returns,

Reminding me of reality that waits for me.

I take one last glimpse of this surreal land and then break the surface.

Gasping for air,

Returning to the busy life I left behind not so long ago.

The sound of loud chatter throbs in my ear, as I plea;

Oh how I wish, I could live in the world, under the sea.