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Integrity Humility Purpose | Joshua Heath

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At Ellenbrook Christian College part of our vision is to be a College community that is passionate about life-long learning so that our students can actively contribute to society. He's how one Year 11 student, Joshua Heath, is living out this vision...

Joshua has been a volunteer firefighter with the Bullsbrook Volunteer Fire Service since February 14, 2014. He has been a cadet with the Bullsbrook Volunteer Fire Service since the age of fourteen, and became a firefighter by the age of sixteen. Joshua decided to become a volunteer firefighter because he wanted to help and serve people who he did not know, with a job that would be fun, exciting and will always have something different to offer just around the corner.

Being a volunteer firefighter allows him to learn new skills and is a stepping stone to his dream career, which is a career firefighter with Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). It has also taught Joshua that a fire brigade doesn’t just put out fires, or cut open cars and so on, there are small things like charities, community events, taking Santa to see the children or repairing the park across the street.

On June 19, 2014 Joshua was informed by the Deputy Commissioner Lloyd Bailey AFSM, that he had been nominated as a finalist for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Firefighters Youth Achievement Award. The nomination for the award required him to attend the DFES conference at the beginning of October this year.

DFES Firefighting AwardsJoshua received yet another surprise when he was the recipient for the Youth Achievement Award from the Emergency Services Volunteers Association, which automatically nominated him for the DFES Youth Achievement Award. The award ceremony was on the Sunday morning where Kellie Bullen from Broome Volunteer Fire Rescue Service received the award. Joshua had this to say about his fellow nominees, "Kellie is defiantly deserving of this award and the other finalists are also just as deserving. Mitchell Reid from Three Springs Bush Fire Brigade and Matthew Holland from Witchcliffe Bush Fire Brigade/Voluntee Fire Rescue Service have all done different things that make them perfect candidates for this award".

Joshua Heath Youth Achievement Award NomineeJoshua feels honored and proud to have been nominated for this award. He says, "It has shown me that perseverance is the key to success, and I will remember that as I plan to continue to strive for success as my journey with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services will continue and expand into a career. Anyone who is considering volunteering with a fire brigade should do so. It is a demanding job and requires you to give some of your time but the rewards, good feeling and new friendships that you get defiantly outweighs the odds and is something that everybody should consider".

Pictured are the nominees for the 2014 Firefighting Awards, Joshua Heath and Deputy Commissioner Lloyd Bailey (photos courtesy of DFES) and Joshua Heath.