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Leadership through Service

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Harrison Reynolds is quietly leading the way. During the school holidays he was a co-leader for a group of ten young people whose lives have not been as blessed as his. Young people who have been placed in care with The Department of Community Services were taken on a Junior SAYC (Salvation Army Youth Camp) for a week of fellowship, fun and friendship, and an introduction to Jesus.

This was a rewarding moment for Harrison’s parents, who twenty years previously, were part of the first camp set up for this type of service to the underprivileged.

The College community is proud of Harrison who will extend his care for local community to the global arena when he goes to Cambodia in December this year.

Under the banner of Misio Dei, (Mission of God) the college focuses its social justice ideals in urban care, national with the mission to Uluru and global with a mission to Cambodia, and in 2015, our first mission to the Philippines.

We are encouraged by our students who show an interest in caring for others through college organised events, but it is even more rewarding to observe students who practise this initiative in their personal walk during school holidays.

This term we have numerous College activities with the emphasis on caring for others. We aspire to have graduates who are informed of the gospel and consequently empowered by the principles of love, justice and mercy in order to lead and serve in society....