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Loud and Clear

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Ellenbrook Christian College endeavours to partner with you in providing a Christian education for your child.  We believe one effective strategy to achieve this is to provide you with up to date and relevant information.  
Over the past few weeks we have developed a number of strategies to improve our communication service to you.  We encourage you to investigate and use the following communication tools.

School Website

The new school website has now been launched.  The school website will be updated daily to ensure current information is available to you.

School News

The school website is the first place that all new information will be published.

School Calendar

The school calendar will be published as part of the school website.  The calendars will be published on Google which means you will be able to connect the calendar directly to your smartphone and never miss another awesome school event.


While we would love you to visit the website everyday, we understand this is not a practical measure. Facebook is the second publish point for information.  Parents who are connected with Facebook will be notified when a new item is updated on our school website.

Email Notification

Parents will be notified by email of any news items or activities that relate specifically to a class, year or activity group within the school.


The school newsletter will ‘capture’ all news and activity items from the previous month and will be published as close to the end of month as possible.  The newsletter will provide information alerting you to upcoming events and celebrate great things happening at the school.


You will be able to complete all excursion and activity permission forms online.

Award Notifications

You will be notified up to a week in advance by SMS of any award your child may receive at a school assembly.

Homework and Exams

Homework for Ellenbrook Christian College secondary students will be published online using a year group calendar.  This will provide students and parents detailed information about the expectations and dates for homework, tests and exams.  Teachers will cooperate with  homework tasks and tests to ensure a balance across all subjects over the term.