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Messages to the Troops

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At the beginning of this term, we received a letter from Warrant Officer Class One Regimental Sergeant Major DS Valley on behalf of the 39th Operational Support Battalion, thanking our students for taking the time to send messages to Australian Soldiers posted overseas.

He wrote, "It means a lot to have your support and we greatly appreciate it. Our soldiers work hard to help and protect people - receiving letters from home when they are overseas is a big morale booster."

Our 2015 Year 7, 8 and 10 Humanities and Social Sciences students wrote to the soldiers serving abroad, acknowledging their commitment and appreciation for their sacrifice in protecting Australia and serving overseas during Christmas, spending time away from their loved ones. The Year 10 curriculum is heavily related to war both the Cold War and Hot Wars. The teachers believed it was fitting for the Year 10 students to acknowledge and show their respect and appreciation by designing and sending Christmas cards.  This year our students will again communicate to our Australian troops as part of their Humanities and Social Sciences course.

We acknowledge  Mrs Grisham, Mrs Edwards, Mr Mills  and Mrs Murray, who devoted time to this worthwhile cause as well as the enthusiasm of the 2015 Year 7, 8 and 10 students who collaborated and put energy, creativity, prayerfulness and effort into producing some outstanding Christmas postcards.

For more information on the 39th Operational Support Battalion and the services they provide check out their website.