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Mr Benn

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For the first two terms the Year 10 drama class was working tirelessly on their production, Mr Benn, for children from Pre-primary to Year 3. The play was shown two times in Week 10 and taught the children life lessons such as manners and teamwork. I played as the main character, Mr Benn, along with around eight others (depending on the day). Originally the play only had four of us but as the year went on more and more people joined drama and the play. Within it we had to write the play, act as our characters and make backgrounds/props. When we finally came to show the play it went wrong in every way, people forgot lines, sound effects messed up and queues were missed. However, everyone pulled through and used amazing improvisation skills to bring the play together. Even with these mess ups, the recoveries fixed it all and it ended as a roaring success.

Micah | Year 10