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Outdoor Education Blind Cricket Incursion

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On the 17th of June, the students of the Year 8 Outdoor Education class had an incursion playing blind cricket. Three special guests came in and explained the rules and what life was like to be blind. One of which was a woman who had only about five percent of her vision left, the rest of which she lost when she was in her twenties. Unfortunately, she lost most of her eyesight due to a very rare condition. The woman's husband was also there, and he too lost most of his eyesight when he was in his twenties and was left with only about two percent of his eyesight. He was really inspiring because he had just got back from representing WA in a "Blind Bowling" competition in New South Wales. While there, he won two medals; one bronze and one silver. 

The third special guest was the couples' daughter. She was about eight or nine and she had been blind since birth! After hearing each guest speak, we were able to play blind cricket with them where we would wear different glasses to simulate different stages of blindness. It was a really awesome day and I can't wait for them to come back later this year so that we can all play blind cricket together again!! 

Henry | Year 8