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Primary Dance Showcase

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This year the College initiated a Year 1 to 3 Dance program led by Kindergarten and professional Dance teacher, Mrs Melissa Dawson. Melissa withdrew each of the six classes for one period a week and the Dance Showcase was an opportunity for students to showcase all that they had learned.

What was initially planned as a final assembly quickly developed into a performing arts spectacular with standing room only available in the Gymnasium. Routines were performed by class and ranged from jazz, to contemporary, line and hip-hop. The event highlighted the College’s approach to inclusivity with physically and intellectually impaired students fully participating alongside their peers. The Showcase was the penultimate event for what has been an excellent first year for our Primary Dance program and other performing arts events.

Congratulations to Mrs Melissa Dawson for her excellent work, the success of which was so obvious to all who were blessed with the opportunity to view the Showcase.