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Spineless Wonders Incursion

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On Tuesday 1 March, Year 1 had an exciting visit from Spineless Wonders. We learnt about animals with skeletons on the outside of their skin, and how to draw a spider properly. We got to look at many different types of spiders, some scorpions (including one that glows in the dark!) and even got to touch a spiny stick insect, weevil beetle, resplendent stag beetle and a HUGE cockroach!

“My favourite part was the question part because I learnt how the upside down butterfly protected itself.” - Carla

“I liked it when Scarlette and Eli were going to touch the cockroach.” - Alyssa

“My favourite part was the stag beetle. I liked the shiny stuff on it.” - Daniel

“I loved the shiny beetle because it was pretty.” - Jordan

“I liked the BIG scorpion that just about stung me on the nose.” - Zac