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Year 10 Camp

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On Wednesday 17th June 2015 the Year 10 students from Ellenbrook Christian College started the annual camp at Serpentine. The camp aimed to, and ultimately achieved overcoming fears and strengthening bonds between the class.

Activities done during the camp include archery, rock climbing, climbing ropes, orienteering, capture the flag and a bonfire. These activities built up strength, co-operation, courage, concentration, overcoming fears, kindness and determination.

The camp lasted until Friday, 19th June. All the students enjoyed their time and didn't want it to end. Overall it will up the years attributes and made new relationships.

Rhys from Year 10 said, "We had a great time. During our free time, we played indoor soccer inside the gym for six whole hours! The activities we were involved in were great. We did archery, rock climbing, low ropes and a scavenger hunt. The activity I enjoyed the most was rock climbing because it pushed myself mentally and physically. It was a thrilling and exhilarating experience".

Jonathan | Year 10