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Year 12 | Photography Excursion Fremantle City

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Photography ExcursionOn Thursday 30 July 2015 we went to Fremantle City on a Photography Excursion. We took photos of the city’s landscape, heritage buildings, architecture buildings and places and objects of interest along with street photography and things that caught our eye as we toured the city. Mr Stephen took us to the Shipwreck Gallery Museum, the Round House and through some of the interesting streets where there was artwork displayed on walls and buildings. One of the highlights of the excursion was the history of Fremantle itself, which was fascinating to learn.  We took photos of Robin, Harrison and Josh in the stocks, which were one of the historical objects at the Shipwreck Museum. There were wonderful shipwrecks that showed the tales of the trade, war and the archaeology. Though the weather was not that great for taking photos as it did rain a bit; but that did not affect our enthusiasm of clicking away and capturing every moment that we had. The various street art that I saw was interesting and different to what I usually see in Perth City. We did a lot of walking around Fremantle, so we got to take a lot of photos of different places. One of highlights of the excursion for me was looking at the street art and how it was displayed around the city that gave the city a unique character. I also liked going around the Round House that was established in 1830 and learning its history. This excursion inspired me to learn more about the history of Fremantle and its buildings and places that I may not have come to know if I had not gone on this excursion. I think all the walking we had done on this trip was worth every step and every Click!!! Click!!! Click!!!

Photography Excursion

Many thanks to Mr Stephen for taking us on this interesting excursion.

Sophie | Year 12