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Year 8 English Radio Plays

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In Year 8 English we have been learning how to write our own Radio Plays. Here is a sample of mine, entitled "The Wild Escapees". 

My name is Max, if you want the full name it is Max Lucas Pluto. I am a prison escapee and I was arrested for no good reason. I'm telling you the truth right now, I really am an innocent man. The reason for my escape? Like I said I am an innocent human being. There was a lady called Lucy who was in the prison cell next door, we teamed up to escape together.

Once I escaped this shifty guy called Farmer Tom offered to help us. He reckons he's the UK's best, but I actually think he's not anywhere close. We’re trusting him though. We’re not sure what will happen to us.  We could end up back in jail… who knows? 

Joshua | Year 8