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Year Two's Delve into the Learning Pit

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Following the Better Education Conference, we introduced a simplied version of the Learning Pit to our Year Two's.

Students began to discuss what the learning journey was like; starting with not knowing the concept all the way through to learning the new concept. We also discussed that through this process you will end up in the wobble zone (out of your learning comfort zone) from time to time. We then talked about how being in the wobble zone is a positive thing to help your learning. If you never get into your wobble zone, you aren’t learning.

The students' attitude changed to enjoying a challenge, even giving each other learning challenges, and telling each other when they are in their wobble zones. They are taking responsibility for their learning.


What is the wobble zone/learning pit?

Ayla: When you are learning and you don’t already know it, you might find it hard but that’s what it means to be in the wobble zone. But you never give up because the wobble zone is hard but that is good because then you will learn.

Joshua: It is where someone gives you work that you don’t already know, it will be hard at first that’s why it is the wobble zone.

Genevieve:  Tt is when you are just starting to learn something that might be really hard for you.

Marcus: The wobble zone is when you put yourself in, or sometimes your teacher puts you in, to learn something new.


What does it feel like to be in the wobble zone/learning pit?

Joshua: It feels really hard at first, then it gets easier once you figure out what you need to know.

Genevieve:  It feels like your head might hurt, but then you learn and you feel good about yourself.

Marcus: You end up feeling happy because you learn new things, but it is not always easy.


Do you always learn in the wobble zone/learning pit?

Holly: You always learn something even if it’s hard, you just never give up.

Jevon: Yes you always do, if you never give up.


Is the wobble zone/learning pit a good place to be for learning?

Manyiel: Yes because it’s the way you learn and you know it is okay to be in the wobble zone.

Kyle: Yes, because you don’t want to be there because it’s hard, then you start to work things out and it gets easier the more you know. That’s how you learn.

Skyla: Yes because that’s how you learn a lot, but it might still be hard for a while.