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Years 7 to 12 Inter-House Carnival

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The Athletics Carnival was a really fun day for everyone, both for those who participated and  those students providing support and encouragement . In Garlett,  I was given the opportunity to participate in many events and enjoyed the day immensely, with the Garlett House cheering us all on to do our best! Although Garlett didn't do as well as we had hoped there was loads of house spirit throughout the day. Overall it was a really fantastic day, with great sportsmanship, along with much encouragement and support from both the students and staff alike.

King took first place overall, followed by Nightingale, Flynn then Garlett. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievement on the day.

Year 7 Girls Year 8 Girls Year 9 Girls
Savanna Bird 956pts
Paige Turner 582pts
Shannon Clarke 510pts
2nd Asha Smith 856pts  2nd Tianah Wallace 576pts 2nd Ebony White 420pts 
3rd Courtney Vierra 736pts  3rd Bianca Glanville 550pts 3rd Michelle Woodard 418pts 
 Year 7 Boys  Year 8 Boys Year 9 Boys
Jordan Masters 746 pts
Atem Deng 708pts
Jacob Harwig 804pts
2nd Joshua Samson 730pts  2nd Andre Da Silva 642pts  2nd Muche Shumba 696pts
 3rd Chad King 568pts  3rd Ethan Gage 568pts  3rd Mitchell Giles 676pts
Year 10 Girls  Year 11 Girls  Year 12 Girls
Ciara Quirk 758pts 
Lucy Bricklebank 572pts
Bree Baker 932pts
2nd Clarise Duvenhage 712pts  2nd Maddison Falloon 526pts  2nd Tahlia Gibson 718pts 
3rd Hannah Brearley 636pts  3rd Alyssa Gibson 504pts  3rd Amber Ritchie 688pts 
Year 10 Boys Year 11 Boys Year 12 Boys
Seth Perris 864pts 
Jacques du Toit 780pts 
Grant Cohen 852pts 
2nd Jaron Poisat 728pts  2nd Munya Muteyaunga 776pts  2nd George Hitch 824pts 
3rd Taj Smith 690pts 3rd Luke Allport 696pts 3rd Joel Taylor 636pts

Ciara Quirk
Year 10 Champion Girl | Inter-House Carnival 2014

Inter-House Carnival Garlett