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Inspiro studentsEllenbrook Christian College is a place where each and every one of our students embarks on their own story and engages in opportunities that expand their experience. It is a school that has many opportunities and experiences that helps each of our young people create and add to his or her own story.

Education is more than the acquisition of skills and knowledge, or academia which are confined to the compulsory years of school; education is a life-long journey of experiences that builds character, shaping and creating a unique person, a person designed to be an image of our Creator God.

Ellenbrook Christian College plays a small, but certainly not an insignificant part in that life-long journey of learning and creation of each young person’s story. Ellenbrook Christian College looks to empower individuals as they seek to reach their God-given potential. At Ellenbrook Christian College it is our hope that each of our students achieve well beyond their imagination; it is also about more than results; it is about educating the whole child, helping them to be confident, resourceful, creative, entrepreneurial innovators in a fast-paced world which requires a robust intellect and problem solving capacity. Our school takes pride in its open and future-focussed learning environment where young people feel like they belong – where they feel they a part of something special – where learning is deep, where learning is enchanting and where the truth of that learning is found in the incredible stories of our students.