New Addition to ECC Faculty: Ala Altraide Brings Passion for Mathematics and Faith

Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC) welcomes a new addition to its esteemed faculty, Mr. Alanemibuboka Altraide, affectionately known as Ala. With a rich background in teaching and a passion for both mathematics and faith, Ala brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to ECC.

Ala’s journey in education spans over two decades, beginning with his involvement in Mechanical Engineering at Curtin University, where he lectured subjects like Statics, Dynamics, and Thermofluids from 1995 to 2000. His dedication to academia continued as he transitioned into the realm of secondary education, teaching Mathematics and Science at Swan Christian College from 2001 to 2003, followed by a tenure at Winthrop Baptist College where he specialized in Physics, Chemistry, and Science until 2011. From 2012 till most recently, Ala had dedicated a decade to the Students of Kingsway Christian College, a season marked by his unwavering commitment to academic excellence and spiritual guidance.

Now, in 2024, Ala embarks on a new chapter at ECC, where he takes on the role of Mathematics teacher. His deep-rooted love for God and commitment to spreading joy and love infuse his teaching philosophy. “I love God and am passionate to exude His love, joy, etc. to the people around me always,” Ala shares. Beyond the classroom, Ala’s hobbies include singing, dancing, playing sports, exercising, and savoring well-cooked meals, especially goat curry.

At ECC, Ala aims to do more than just teach mathematics; he aspires to model the principles of Jesus Christ to his students. “I hope to model Jesus Christ to my students and help as many as I can to enjoy Mathematics, helping them know, believe, and see that it is possible to do something well if you believe and work hard at it,” he expresses with conviction.

Ala’s dedication to both academic excellence and spiritual guidance aligns perfectly with ECC’s ethos of holistic education. As the school community eagerly anticipates his contributions, Ala’s presence promises to enrich the lives of students and colleagues alike, fostering an environment where faith and learning intertwine harmoniously.