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As a child I really enjoyed athletics, in particular, running. It didn’t matter if it was long or short distance, running was ‘my thing’. As I grew older I started being coached on my running technique and ways to race more effectively. One of the stand out messages my coach said to me was to always run through the finish line. How often have we seen in running or the like events where someone just gets beaten right on the line, usually because they ‘took the foot off the gas’ and started to slow down.

A key message I have been giving to our whole College community is to finish the year off well and run all the way to, and even past, the finish. This is often hard to do, as just like in a running race you start to get fatigued and feel the weight of all that has been before. But this is the time where it is most important.

I’m seeing the push occur already in our sub-school with the level of concentration in class and a range of wonderful activities such as our STEM Fair that occurred recently. At the end of every big race is a celebration and we have had two major celebrations, our Year 7 to Year 11 Awards Assembly morning to celebrate the year that was, with performance and recognition of student achievements. The second will be our final day of Term 4 with a range of fun House based activities which helps us build a positive College Culture.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. | 2 Timothy 4:7

Jordan Smith

Head of Secondary