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Dear Parents,

I am sure that like me, you are pleased to see the COVID lockdown come to an end. 

We are very aware that although the lockdown conditions have lightened, the local community is still heavily impacted by the bushfires. The ‘Watch and Act’ fire zone that we are currently a part of, will be monitored and if the level of risk rises; requiring us to act in a different way, we will let you know by text and email.

If you have been listening to the Premier’s updates in the last 24 hours, you will be aware that school is allowed to open again on Monday, for face-to-face lessons.  We intend to open, but there will be some restrictions linked to the opening, which will last until the end of the week; providing no new cases of COVID emerge and the fires do not impose a further threat to the College.

Please note the conditions that will be in place when you come to the College on Monday the 8th of February.

  • Wearing of Masks:
    • Staff, Parents and Secondary Students are required to wear a mask (all adults). Families, please ensure that your secondary children are ready and equipped for this.
  • Registering your attendance:
    • QR Codes are now available to register your attendance, so please ensure that you have the SafeWA App downloaded on your device, to assist the tracing effort. If you do not have a smartphone, there will be paper registration available for families to sign in.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up:
    • Social distancing is an important part of our precautionary stance and to that end, we ask families to deliver children to the classroom door or the front gate, where staff will attend to their needs and welcome them. 
    • Pre-Kindy and Kindy students are a little different in that we are asking just one parent to come into the classroom with their child and settle them prior to leaving. Parents who have children for whom this is their first day, may wish to take their child home after a half day and parents might like to discuss this with the teacher before they leave the classroom.
  • Primary Devotions:
    • In this uncertain week with COVID lockdown and fires, we can become fearful and not know who to talk to. Mr Peakall and Mrs Welsby discuss the blessing of prayer and introduce a practical tool to help us when we pray.

Parents, please be assured that we will do all we can to ensure that the College environment is clean and prepared to receive the students.  If for any reason you are faced with concerns or challenges that you believe we should be aware of please do not hesitate to get in contact with us so that we can help you.

 Kind regards,

Mike Pitman