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Bush Rangers | Cadets on Camp

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Main Image - Bush Rangers | Cadets on Camp

The Bush Rangers were joined by the Year 6 River Rangers for our final camp for the year, at Mundaring Weir. Peter and Hannah from Nearer to Nature led us on a 3 1/2 hour walk through the bush to teach us about caring for the catchment area. We learnt about salination due to deforestation, erosion, runoff, the building of the dam and revegetating the land. There were a few spots to sit and take in the amazing views and at one glorious spot we managed to sit quietly for three full minutes and listen to the sounds of the bush. After lunch at the weir, we headed back to camp where we volunteered as weed pullers. We pulled so many weeds we had to stop because the skip bins were full.

Night activities followed a sausage sizzle dinner. These included night soccer, piggy-in-the-Middle and capture the flag.

We cooked our own breakfast. Some settled for cereal, while others went all out with bacon, hash browns, eggs, pancakes and sausages. We split into groups for the morning activities. We studied macro-invertebrates (pond creatures), went on a bush walk, and participated in some team challenges.

‘The marble run challenge was hard but it felt good when we finally did it’. Jai | Year 6

‘I liked the challenge games on the Saturday, specifically the pyramid challenge. It really made my team think and it was quite fun and enjoyable.’ Rosa | Year 7

‘I enjoyed the night games (capture the cone) and the bush walk on the first day.’Calvin | Year 7

‘I love being in the bush!’ Breanna | Year 8

‘The thing I enjoyed the most was the 4km walk and I also enjoyed making pancakes for everyone.’ Joshua | Year 7

‘The night time games were exciting.’ Eleesha | Year 8

‘Camp was very exhilarating and fun-filled. It was interesting learning about the dam.’ Myles | Year 8

‘What I liked about the cadet camp was that in the camp I actually learnt a lot about some people that I never really talked to.’ Elizabeth | Year 7

‘The top three favourite things about the camp were 3. Day two’s hike 2. Being able to make breakfast 1. How the teachers were willing to be so interactive with the students and how they were so nice.’ Michael | Year 7

‘I had never slept in a tent before.’ Fleur | Year 6

‘I never usually go in the bush. I learnt from the Bush Rangers that it can be fun.’ Sarah | Year 6

Kerry Martin | Year 7 and 8 Coordinator