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ECC Student Shines at Equestrian State Championships

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During week 2 of the April school holidays (15th - 17th of April), Year 12 student Sarah Little represented Ellenbrook Christian College at the EWA 2021 Interschool State Equestrian Championships, hosted at the State Equestrian Centre in Brigadoon.

 Sarah was proud to be wearing the Ellenbrook Christian College colours as she competed with 150 other riders, representing 60 schools across WA.

“It was a busy and exhausting three days, with endless amounts of hard work and preparation going into the event,

“but my passion and love for the spot made it all worth it,” said Sarah Little.

Sarah and her partner Penley Giovanni (Jack) worked well together throughout their combined training competition, dressage, show jumping and show horse over the three days, placing well in several competitions.

The first competition of the weekend was the Combined Training on Thursday morning. This was a combined competition of dressage and show jumping. Sarah and Jack were sitting in 2nd place after our dressage test; however, an unfortunate knock of a pole in the show jumping due to a rider error dropped them down to 3rd overall. 

Late on Thursday afternoon, the team competed in the separate dressage test and won.

“I was so excited and proud of this test,

“It was like everything came together, and all the blood, sweat and tears paid off,

“you can only imagine how thrilled I was!” an excited Sarah said.

Friday was a much quieter day, with just two rounds of show jumping in the morning. The team had one clear round and one rail in the other. The course was split into two phases. The first phase was optimum time, and the second phase was against the clock. Sarah and Jack were having so much fun and unfortunately went a lot quicker than the optimum time in the first phase, resulting in some penalties and leaving them out of the higher places!  

 Saturday was the final day, and although they were both exhausted, they pulled it together to compete in the show horse classes. This requires a lot of preparation to present both horse and rider correctly. The show horse classes are split into two sections, ‘show hack’ and ‘show hunter.’ Jack is classified as a show hunter, so he was presented accordingly. They completed three workouts - one that assessed the horse, the other assessed the rider and an in-hand workout. The team won two of the three, which led to them winning and becoming Overall Champion Participant Show Hunter! 

Sarah hopes that her success at the event will inspire her fellow students to step up and represent their College at the various sporting events at which they compete.

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