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Five things to consider when choosing a Kindergarten for your child

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Five things to consider when choosing a Kindergarten for your child

 Parents are looking for an environment that is welcoming and nurturing; a place where their children will be loved and cared for. As well as a clean, spacious, engaging classroom where children become the vessels for their own learning journey, guided by caring and competent educators.

A good kindergarten will provide an environment whereby children feel safe to take risks to extend and challenge their learning. It will have staff who are passionate about their role, have a deep knowledge and understanding of early childhood learning and who keep their skills and knowledge of the latest pedagogical practices updated. An excellent kindergarten will provide a warm and welcoming environment in which children are cared for and their individuality is respected. They foster an environment in which parents, teachers and children build strong reciprocal relationships, working together towards the development of the whole-child. Teachers use their knowledge of early childhood development to ensure that they take into account not only the academic needs of the children but help to develop children’s personal, social and emotional skills and well-being.

Consider the following questions when choosing a Kindergarten for your child:

Do the schools values align with our family values?

Christian education underpins the moral values of our society at ECC and are ever-present within our classrooms. All educators and staff are practicing Christians that live by the core values of Christianity.

 Does the school have an Open Door Policy?

At ECC these aspects are of huge importance to us and we actively ensure that parents are welcomed and involved. We ensure that every morning, parents are participating in a meaningful, educational activity with their child. This positively reinforces how the children view their parents’ involvement in their learning and cement the fact that education is important, making it a more meaningful experience. Parents take an active role in participating in their child’s education. Every afternoon the teachers engage with the children and parents during pick-up time, chatting about the day and any significant experiences. Teachers take the time to become more acquainted with the families. We welcome parent help during our morning sessions and they are tasked with engaging activities to be involved in with the children.

Is there a clear and concise enrolment process?

The first point of contact with the school is with the enrolment officer and the process of enrolment needs to be clear and thorough, yet smooth and stress-free. At ECC, there is only one enrolment process. Once your child has been enrolled in PK, they are part of the school community until Year 12. Prospective parents are taken around the school and given an in-depth insight into our classrooms and practices. The teachers are often in the classroom during this time and always make the effort to introduce themselves, welcome the parents and the child in, and explain a bit about what we do in our classrooms, pointing out specific activities. This is a wonderful opportunity for prospective parents to gain information about what we do at ECC and how we do it.

Is the school competitively priced?

Cost is one of the most important aspects that parents consider when choosing a school. ECC ensures that we offer competitive pricing with regards to other schools in the area and that uniform costs are reasonable. When budgeting for school-related costs, parents at ECC only need to pay an individual, all-encompassing fee which includes all stationery requirements as well as incursion and excursion fees, which makes it much easier for the family to manage the cost of schooling for their child.

Do teachers follow a child-centred approach to learning?

At ECC our Early Learning program is well-balanced and incorporates proven teaching and learning strategies for the development of the whole-child. All activities are child-centred and children’s input towards their own interests and learning is at the forefront of teachers’ planning. As the program is in a school-based setting there is clear expectation and emphasis placed on high-quality education. Also, by being in a school-based setting, children are prepared for the next steps in their education and the transition process is seamless.

 “At ECC your child becomes part of a happy, caring community where each one is loved, respected and encouraged to be the best that they can be; the children know that they are important and valued within their school environment.”

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