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The Arts at Ellenbrook Christian College provides active learning in a vast array of visual and performing environments.

Students are equipped to develop and achieve excellence in innovation, design, performance and production. Our highly experienced specialists will nurture and inspire students to achieve excellence in their creative field.

Ellenbrook Christian College offers a unique emphasis on providing aesthetic experiences within the Arts. An aesthetic experience is one in which senses are operating at their peak; the mind is resonating with the excitement of the experience; feeling fully alive. Students are given powerful learning opportunities that encourage inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun.


Offering programs in Dance, Drama, Media, Music, and Visual Arts. Ellenbrook Christian College creates vibrant environments that enable deep-level independent thinking and the development of high-level transferable skill sets. At the core of all our programs, we strive to offer students opportunities at a professional Arts level to engage, inspire and equip them for life-long engagement in the industry.

Music Tuition

Ellenbrook Christian College offers individual music tuition in a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, drums, violin, viola, cello and voice. We also offer the opportunity to take part in exciting musical ensembles. These ensembles include Year 3 Strings, Senior Strings, Senior Choir and the Dolce Choir.

Ellenbrook Christian College boasts state-of-the-art instrumental practice and tuition facilities as well as experienced tutors who have been appointed based on their expertise and wealth of knowledge gained teaching in other schools and music studios

Further Music Tuition Information

  • Please submit the form (click button below) with your enquiry and one of the ECC music teachers will be in touch.
  • Please note that both music teachers work part time, so we may not reply immediately but we will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.
  • Newly enrolled students will begin in the following term unless arrangement have been made with the tutor to start earlier.
  • The student will be required to use their own instrument, or please let us know if you need to borrow one while you are in the process of purchasing one, we can try to organise a loan instrument. Loan instruments are subject to availability.
  • Payment is made directly to the tutor and they will invoice you at the beginning of the term and liaise with you via email.
  • If a lesson is missed, please let the tutor know you would like to schedule a makeup lesson for the one missed, and the tutor will do their best to accommodate you however it may need to be an online lesson to fit with the tutor’s schedule.
  • For best results it is recommended that students practice at least 60 minutes a week (eg. 4x 15-minute practice sessions) or more.
  • Students will have their lessons at the same time each week, and we will ensure it is not during a specialist subject (eg. sport, STEM). Their tutor will collect them from their classroom for the lesson.
  • Music is a part of the ECC culture, and we prioritise our instrumental music students in all of our school performances therefore we may be in touch regarding performance opportunities within the ECC community.
  • Parents must give notice by the end of the term if they wish to withdraw their child from lessons.
  • For any further questions please contact

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