Synergy Solar Cars Soar

Our Engineering program begins in Year 4 and progresses through Secondary College, nurturing a love for problem-solving and innovation. In Primary Engineering, students tackle challenges that hone their skills in experimentation and analysis.

On Tuesday, March 12th, a team of Year 6 students proudly represented our school in the Synergy Solar Car Competition, facing off against peers from other schools. Despite stiff competition, our students showcased technical proficiency, teamwork, and sportsmanship throughout the event.

Our dedication to fostering the next generation of innovators remains unwavering, ensuring our students are well-prepared for success in a dynamic world.

Year 7 Camp at Ern Halliday

Ellenbrook Christian College’s Year 7 camp, held from Wednesday, February 7th, to Friday, February 9th, at the scenic Ern Halliday campsite in Hillarys, was a thrilling and memorable experience for the incoming high school students. The beachside setting provided the backdrop for an array of exciting activities, fostering camaraderie and creating lasting memories.

Among the highlights were the exhilarating flying fox rides that added an adrenaline rush to the camp. The beach activities further enhanced the bonding experience, as students engaged in team-building exercises and enjoyed the sun and sand. The camp served as a melting pot for friendships, with numerous new students joining from various schools to embark on their high school journey together.

As laughter echoed through the campsite, it was evident that the Year 7 camp not only provided an opportunity for adventure but also laid the foundation for a supportive and inclusive community at Ellenbrook Christian College. The shared experiences and newfound connections will undoubtedly contribute to a positive and enriching high school experience for these young students.

Year 11 Students Sail on the Swan

Thursday, February 29, marked a night of celebration for our Year 11 students, providing a much-needed respite before the challenges of “upper school” kicked in. The highly anticipated River Cruise, has always been a favourite in our school calendar.

Teaming up with our friends from Northshore Christian Grammar, who are regular partners for these events, ensured that the dance floor buzzed with life. From the classic Macarena to the lively Conga line, students and staff alike immersed themselves in the rhythm of the night, dancing away any traces of stress or upcoming academic commitments. The camaraderie between the two schools added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities, making the evening even more memorable.

As the students let their hair down and reveled in the joy of the moment, it was a testament to the importance of such events in fostering a sense of community and unity. The River Cruise served as a vibrant prelude to the challenges ahead, reminding everyone of the significance of finding moments of joy and connection amidst the academic journey.

Here’s to the spirit of celebration and camaraderie that defines our school community, making events like the River Cruise an unforgettable highlight in the lives of our Year 11 students.

Soil Turns in Preparation for New College Pavilion

ECC and Metronet Break Ground for New Sports Pavilion

On January 15th, Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC) and MetroNET turned the soil on a significant building project to enhancing campus facilities for generations to come.

The new ECC Sports Pavilion, scheduled to begin work next month, will provide improved amenities for ECC students on the far side of the oval, with the new trainline over pass now connecting both side of the school land.

The soil-turning event was attended by MetroNET representatives (including the Honourable Rita Saffioti MLA), architects from Parry & Rosenthal, builders Castle Projects and ECC staff.

This new facility has been designed to meet practical needs and is the result of a government grant worth almost $3 million for the local community.

We look forward to keeping our parents and students informed about the developments as they happen, with this new facility promising to provide essential and upgraded amenities for ECC students.

Inter-House Swimming Carnival

ECC's Inter-house Swimming Carnival Beats the Heat!

Our recent Inter-house Swimming Carnival took place at Bayswater Waves on Thursday, the 15th of February. Despite the scorching 40-degree heat, the spirit of competition and camaraderie among our four house factions—Nightingale, King, Garlett, and Flynn—made the event a resounding success.

Students from all year levels showcased their swimming prowess in a variety of events, including freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and the highly anticipated relay races. The vibrant atmosphere at Bayswater Waves was electrifying, as students cheered on their housemates and celebrated the outstanding achievements of their peers.

This year’s carnival saw Nightingale House emerge as the overall winner, demonstrating exceptional teamwork and individual talent. While Nightingale may have claimed the top spot,  each house demonstrated their commitment to the event, making it a memorable day for all involved.

The weather threw us a curveball with the temperature soaring to 40 degrees, but our resilient students and staff weathered the heat admirably. The carnival was a testament to the college’s commitment to providing students with opportunities to excel in various areas, even in challenging conditions.

Aside from the house victories, it’s important to acknowledge the individual accomplishments of our students. Many swimmers achieved personal bests, showcasing their dedication to training and their determination to improve. We applaud each and every participant for their hard work and sportsmanship.

MetroNET’s  STEM+ Program for Young Women creates opportunities for secondary school students

Since the commencement of the Morley-Ellenbrook line, Laing O’Rouke has been working with students from Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC) to encourage more female students into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses in universities and ultimately, careers in Construction and Engineering.

The program, known as ‘Inspiring STEM+’ seeks to engage junior secondary school female students with STEM-based activities and develop interactive conversations with them in this space.

Our Year 10 Students, who began the course as Year 8’s two years ago, have had exposure to a range of various areas across the sector inclusive of Human Relations, Indigenous affairs, Community Relationships, Accounting and different aspects of administration.

This two-year course concluded with a series of discussions as representatives engaged students in some interactive learning.

An excursion to the Whiteman Park Rail Station (currently under construction) saw the students fitted with ‘hi-viz’ gear, sporting fluorescent vests, hardhats and eye protection. ECC’s newest FIFO-fashion students are now ready and attired for the mining and resources boom!

This visit was able to offer a glimpse into the progress of the MetroNET project together with it’s community and environmental impact.

With the huge amount of development still needed in Western Australia, both Laing O’Rouke and Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC) are happy to be partnering to assist our greater community through the empowerment of students who will one day serve in these industries.

The group finished with lunch at the Malaga Station, again gaining more exposure to the large scale work being undertaken to further connect Ellenbrook to the wider Perth Metro area.

Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony

On Friday, 20 October, our much loved Year 12 students graduated high school. 13 years of schooling culminates in this monumental moment marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new season. 

With mixed emotions, the “Class of 23” emerged onto the grounds that have been their educational sanctuary for some, as long as 13 years. The joy of no more school, coupled with the realisation of the big wide world awaiting carried somewhat of a “Nemo and Marlin” type experience looking out from the edge of the reef.

Principal Gigi Thiele charged our Year 12’s, leaving them with a deposit to take into their future. “Your character will be a main factor in determining your destiny and so I encourage you to constantly work on your character.”

Her words to stay in touch as Alumni gave reassurance to the strengthening college community as one that presses beyond just the schooling environment.

With an encouragement to his peers, Liam Hall, Head Boy, reminded his fellow graduates that… “We have significantly grown alongside each other over the course of the past decade and a half, progressively developing from carefree children playing tag to angsty young teenagers searching for our identities in a confusing world to mature young adults graduating high school and preparing to begin the next chapter of our lives.”

Head Girl, Abi Le Count shared to her peers and College community one last time with humility and poise “I know I was not a perfect leader, but i did my best. My best may not be someone else’s best but I’ve learnt not to compare myself to others because God has different paths for us all. As long as you are doing your best that is all that matters.” 

The college community thanks both of Liam and Abi for doing just that, your best and to remind you that your best was brilliant. Well done!

A number of community leaders attended the momentous event, all to cheer on this generation but some specifically to give out an array of awards. To mention some, Mr Mike Pitman, previous Principal to the year 12’s, Commander Blackman who presented the Leadership award and Alex Follington, representative of the College’s Parent community. We wish to thank you and all other guests for you commitment to our school.

Students, Tanika Campbell and Ashton Ker were awarded with top honours receiving the Dux and Valedictorian awards.

The ceremony drew to a close with each graduate receiving their ribbon and then stood united as the crowd of attendees sang “The Blessing” over them before an emotional exit through an archway of honour made by the college staff and faculty.

Well done class of 2023. We wish to congratulate each and every one of you, we pray the Lord’s blessing over you and we cheer you on as you write your future.