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Little Lights Academy

The Little Lights Academy is Ellenbrook Christian College’s Pre-Kindergarten program. It is a one-year program preceding Kindergarten, for children who have turned 3 years old and will be eligible to attend Kindergarten the following year. The program aims to provide a happy and safe environment where students can flourish, excel and enjoy learning.

The learning process is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, which focusses on intentional play-based learning; allowing students to develop their intellectual, physical and emotional skills. Play-based learning is combined with opportunities to engage, interact and socialise with other students of the same age, while simultaneously sharing their individual discoveries with friends, teachers and families alike. Curiosity is encouraged in all parts of learning.

Cultural diversity is discussed, encouraged and celebrated, and forms a vital part of a whole-school, integrated program.

Literacy is explored through a variety of activities such as games, songs, drama and stories. Our program also incorporates a great Library program where students and staff enjoy weekly visits to our College’s library, while Numeracy is evident in number, shape and colour activities. Outdoor play forms an essential part of the day and is used to facilitate curiosity in Literacy and Numeracy as well as enhance ever-important fundamental movement skills.

The classroom is a visual representation of the students’ interest through project work and a deeper level of understanding is encouraged through investigations. Students are supported to express their feelings and to problem-solve throughout the day. Attention is also given to life skills such as ownership of their own belongings, sharing and caring for friends.

Dispositions such as independence, persistence and kindness to others are encouraged. All classroom activities are positioned to create an interest and love for learning. Activities build on and extend the natural curiosity and wonder of children in this early phase of childhood so that students can become shining lights within the classroom and in their respective communities.

Our program runs two days per week, and we have an intake of two classes.