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Metronet – Morley/Ellenbrook Line


We have been working with the PTA and METRONET team regarding the construction of the Morley-Ellenbrook line for some time. The land for Ellenbrook Christian College was purchased with the knowledge that a rail reserve was on the site. While we have enjoyed almost 20 years with no development on the reserve, we knew that this significant piece of public infrastructure was likely in the future. 

Specifics on the impacts to College campus and Ellenbrook Christian College preparation for this program: 

The College and the Association are committed to working positively with the State Government and the future contractor to influence the design of associated infrastructure for the rail line as much as possible, and we believe we can limit the impact on our College environment. We remain committed to delivering the highest quality education to our students and an optimal working environment for our staff.

We will be particularly focusing on noise mitigation and making sure the new infrastructure does not impact on the classroom environment. We understand the rail line infrastructure will be shielded with walls and greenery and will not be accessible from any point on the College campus.  An underpass will connect the existing College buildings to the oval space.

Our role is likely to include Ellenbrook Christian College having a say on things like noise walls and the design of the underpass which will give us uninterrupted access to our College oval. We will be looking for ways for our students and teachers to get involved in the aesthetic finishes of the noise walls and underpass so that the new features are a part of our school.

We have anticipated the potential future impacts of this project and we have made strategic decisions to prepare for the changes in our work programs over the last few years. These have included increasing the oval space, moving some services and adjusting reticulation.

We have been working with our College architects to consider the future rail infrastructure in our College master plan.

Potential Benefits

While it will be a big change for our school, we are focused on embracing the positives and working with the METRONET team to get the best outcomes for our College and the Ellenbrook community. 

We are looking forward to exploring the potential opportunities the new rail could bring, including the opportunity for students from new areas to access our school.

The new Ellenbrook station will be a short walk from our school.

The new rail line will also improve opportunities for enhanced curriculum experiences, with easier access to take students to museums, galleries, the Perth Zoo or other destinations within reach of the Perth train network.

Even after construction of the rail, our sporting and playing fields will not be compromised. We will continue to have a 400m running track, a full size cricket ground, a full size soccer pitch and the existing basketball courts.

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