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Roof Raised in time for Winter Rains- Pavilion Update

Any renovation or new build brings with it a season of inconvenience as the process of construction is observed from the outskirts of temporary wire fencing and sandy surrounds, unearthed by large scale machinery, whose role it would seem being to destroy everything that was once so lovely.

With that in mind, it is always important to be reminded of the end goal inclusive of the benefits that will come about once finished.

The construction of the Ellenbrook Christian College Sports Pavilion began at the beginning of the year, and, like most new builds, seemed to go slow at first.

Fast-forward 5 months and the skeleton is really taking shape giving a real life image to what has till now only been recognised from artists impersonation and builders plans.

The roof has now been installed only a few weeks before the winter rains arrived, and within the next week or two the brick work will be close to completion giving staff and student onlookers a great visual of what they can expect to be using in the near future.

This Sports Pavilion will provide key building infrastructure that links the main College buildings to the main sports oval in a cohesive way.

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