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Experiential Learning

At Ellenbrook Christian College, students are provided with the opportunity to learn through unique experiences outside of the classroom.

It is through these experiences that students develop a repertoire of skills including cooperation, communication, teamwork and resilience.

Through camps and mission trips, we take school to the road and give students the experience of learning about themselves, the world around them and the needs of others. All of the camps undertaken by our students are beneficial to the growth of each student as each camp has been designed to challenge each individual spiritually, emotionally and socially.

Camps Program

Sydney/Canberra Excursion

The Sydney / Canberra excursion is a highlight for all Year 6 students and offers each student a unique opportunity to learn in ways that can’t be facilitated in the classroom.

The trip provides students with an opportunity to develop the independence necessary for secondary school, consolidate key learning from the curriculum, reinforce the value of national pride and establish strong civics and citizenship within our students.

The trip is closely linked to what is taught in the classroom throughout the year, and students have the opportunity to explore significant Australian landmarks in Sydney, participate in political debates in New Parliament House, visit Old Parliament House and reflect at the Australian War Memorial before having fun with Science at Questacon.

The trip concludes in the glorious snowfields in the snowy mountains where a day is spent building snowmen, tobogganing and having snow fights.


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