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Transition Days

At Ellenbrook Christian College, we recognise the importance of the transition from Primary School to Secondary School.

This phase of schooling can be difficult and cause anxiety and stress to both students and parents, so we have created a series of events and structures to assist in making the transition as smooth as possible.

For Students…

The College runs four transition days throughout the year, which allows students to learn more about the secondary school, become familiar with the staff and surroundings and get to know some of the current Year 7 students.

Our Year Six camp also takes on a transition theme. In this camp, we run activities and information sessions to help students prepare themselves for life in Year Seven and beyond.

For Parents…

The College runs a series of information sessions, where we are able to explain more about what Secondary Schooling looks like.

We have also initiated several other ways, which can support students and families.

We believe that building positive relationships between teachers and families is the key to developing a transition into Secondary Schooling that is as seamless as possible. Secondary specialist teachers work with students from as early as year 4, allowing them to build positive relationships with the students, also welcoming the students into some of the Secondary spaces, making them feel more comfortable in the College.

We also recognize that the transition does not end once students start Year 7. Therefore, we have a Dean of Pastoral Care that supports students from Year 3 to Year 7, allowing one person to work consistently with them in their first year of Secondary Schooling. The students will also go on a team-building camp at the start of Year 7, where they develop teamwork strategies, build close relationships and grow closer as a year group.

To find out more about Secondary Schooling at Ellenbrook Christian College or to book a College tour please click the link below.

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