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Year 7 Camp at Ern Halliday

Ellenbrook Christian College’s Year 7 camp, held from Wednesday, February 7th, to Friday, February 9th, at the scenic Ern Halliday campsite in Hillarys, was a thrilling and memorable experience for the incoming high school students. The beachside setting provided the backdrop for an array of exciting activities, fostering camaraderie and creating lasting memories.

Among the highlights were the exhilarating flying fox rides that added an adrenaline rush to the camp. The beach activities further enhanced the bonding experience, as students engaged in team-building exercises and enjoyed the sun and sand. The camp served as a melting pot for friendships, with numerous new students joining from various schools to embark on their high school journey together.

As laughter echoed through the campsite, it was evident that the Year 7 camp not only provided an opportunity for adventure but also laid the foundation for a supportive and inclusive community at Ellenbrook Christian College. The shared experiences and newfound connections will undoubtedly contribute to a positive and enriching high school experience for these young students.

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